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Privacy & Cookie Policy


The following privacy policy – to be considered also as the privacy notice set forth by Section 13 of the EU Regulation No. 2016/679 – “General Data Protection Regulation” or “GDPR”– is aimed at describing the procedures to collect and use any personal data through the Company website, and shall concern the users and those availing themselves of the relevant services.
Talent Decisions s.r.l., with registered office in Milan, Viale Angelo Filippetti No. 28 (hereinafter, the “Data Controller” or the “Company”) shall be the Personal Data Controller.
The Data Controller appointed Mr. Cosimo Calabrese as its Data Protection Officer (hereinafter, the “DPO”). You may contact Mr. Calabrese for any issues concerning any processing activities of your personal data and the exercise any rights granted to you by GDPR, by sending an email to:


The Data Controller shall process only common personal data, (e.g., ID data, email address, phone number), communicated by the data subject’s completing the relevant form, during the contact phase.
Should a person send an email, on a voluntary, express and free basis, to the addresses indicated in this website, this action shall imply the subsequent acquisition of the sender’s e-mail address, as required to reply to his/her requests, as well as of the other personal data included in the relevant message.


Your data shall be processed by IT means and, as the case may be, on paper.
We implement any safeguards adequate to ensure the privacy and protection of any processed information.


Like nearly all websites, we use small-size data which are saved on your computers, tablets, mobile phones or other devices (hereinafter, jointly, the “device”) to record certain data any time you access or interact with our website.
The specific types and names of such cookies, web beacons as well as other similar technology tools we may use, may change from time to time. Please be informed, in order to ensure that you better understand the rules and uses of such technology tools, that the term “cookies” means small text files (usually composed of letters and numbers) which are stored in the browser’s or device’s memory when you browse a website or view a message. Such cookies allow a website to recognize a specific device or browser. There are several types of cookies:
temporary (or session) cookies: such cookies are used to store temporary information, to link your actions during such specific session and are removed from your computer when Internet Explorer is closed;
persistent (or stored) cookies: such cookies are used to store information, for example your login name and password, so that the user may avoid to re-enter such data every time he/she browses a specific website; such cookies are stored in your computer even after Internet Explorer is closed;
first party cookies: such cookies derive from the website browsed by you and can be either persistent or temporary cookies; they can be used to store information that will be re-used when you visit such website again;
third-party cookies: such cookies derive from ads of other websites, for example popups or advertising banners, displayed on the website visited by you; such cookies may be used to record how you use such website for marketing purposes.
Therefore, in addition to common personal data, freely inserted by the user on the website, we may process also browsing data, collected due to the user’s exploiting our services, and, in particular:
Information on the device used to connect to the Internet;
Specific information (e.g.: type of device, information on the mobile network, etc);
Information on logs.
When the user exploits our services or views any contents provided by the Data Controller, we may collect and store automatically certain information in the server’s logs. Such information may include certain data on your using our service, including keyword researches; information on Internet link data, including your IP address and all data linked thereto; information on the device events, such as system activities, hardware setup, type of browser and language, date and hour of your requests and reference URL; any cookies which may provide an unique identification of the browser or the user account.
We and our partners may use different technologies to collect and store information when you browse a website and/or use a service provided by the Company, therefore implying that we send certain cookies or identifiers to the user’s device.
Therefore, we use “technical cookies”, to ensure a better operation of our services, and allow us to improve our performance. Due to such technologies, our website may store significant information on your browser or device so that we may use them in the future to identify you on our internal systems or servers. When applicable, we protect cookies and other similar technologies to ensure that only the Data Controller or the service providers authorized by us may read them, by assigning an unique code thereto. Your personal data shall not be stored in any cookies or similar technologies used by us.
We do not use any third-party or profiling cookies.
Cookies may be removed or disabled by using the relevant tools available on most browsers. The preferences on cookies shall be separately set for each browser used by you, as each browser offers specific functions and options.


Any browsing data shall be used to obtain statistic information, on an anonymous basis, on how the website is used and to verify whether it properly operates or not. Such data may also be used to ascertain any criminal liabilities, in case a crime is committed against the website.
Any other personal data, provided voluntarily to the Data Controller, shall be processed – even without the express consent of the data subject – in compliance with the provisions of section 6, items b, c and f, GDPR (legal basis of processing) – for the following purposes:
To reply to any requests filed by the data subject;
To send service notifications, also concerning the amendment of any contractual terms, contents, policies and conditions adopted;
To fulfil any obligations set forth by the applicable laws, regulations and UE rules, or by an order of any competent Authorities;
To prevent or discover any fraudulent or abusive activities against the website;
To exercise any other rights of the Data Controller, including its right to legal defence, as well as any other processing activities consistent with such purposes.


Your personal data shall be processed for the time required to achieve the purposes for which they have been collected. Please note, in particular, that any browsing data shall be deleted within 2 years of their processing, without prejudice of the right, in any event, to store such data for a longer period of time, when required by the applicable laws or regulations.


Your data may be communicated to any private or public entities, legal persons and/or individuals (including, but not limited to, law firms, administrative and tax consultancy firms, IT companies – if applicable) in case such communication to the above mentioned entities is required to pursue any contractual, administrative, accounting purposes as well as to ensure that the data subjects may use and exploit the website.
Your data may also be communicated to other entities, in case such communication is required or provided by the law.
Place of Processing
Your personal data shall be processed within the territory of the European Union. Should we need, for any technical and/or operational issues, to use any entities outside the European Union, we hereby warrant that your personal data shall be transferred to such entities only to perform certain specific processing activities, and in compliance with the provisions of GDPR.


Pursuant to the provisions of sections 13, 15-22, GDPR, the data subject shall have, in particular, the following rights:
To obtain confirmation that his/her personal data are currently processed;
To obtain access to his/her personal data and to the following information (data processing purposes, personal data categories, recipients and/or categories thereof, storage period);
To obtain the rectification or integration of his/her incorrect personal data;
To obtain the erasure of his/her personal data in the cases provided under section 17 GDPR;
To obtain that his/her personal data are merely stored, and that they are not further used in the following cases set forth by section 18 GDPR;
To receive, in a commonly used, interoperable and machine-readable format, his/her personal data, processed by automated means, in case such data are processed based on an agreement or his/her consent.
Finally, the data subject shall be entitled to file a complaint to the competent Supervisory Authorities.
You may file any requests or communication, or exercise your rights, by sending an e-mail to the Data Controller to:


The Data Controller hereby reserves the right to update this Privacy Policy in any time. You are therefore advised to check this Privacy Policy, from time to time, to verify any updates to the Company’s Privacy Policy. In case of any substantial amendments hereto, a notification as well the updated Privacy Policy shall be published on the website.

For any information contact our DPO

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